Ad Hoc is a digital services company for the United States government. As a researcher there, I worked with some exceptional technology professionals and partnered with stakeholders to improve the overall experiences of government services and transform legacy systems to modern tools. I performed research on a government contract with our partner organization to modernize and enhance a major healthcare product that serves over 12,000 healthcare facilities.  

My Role

Leading independent research efforts, I worked cross-functionally with a team of 4 other researchers, 5 designers, 2 content strategists, 1 business analyst, and 1 product manager. I had the pleasure to deliver the following value to my client while working at Ad Hoc:

End-To-End Usability Reports
Senior Leadership Presentation
Persona Evaluation Report
Company-wide Strategic Report To Operationalize Refactored Personas


In the civic tech industry, there can be many constraints to the kinds of research methods used to collect data. While working at Ad Hoc, I was able to capture valuable data and draw insights for my team and my client using the following methods:

  • Interviews

  • Surveys

  • Usability tests

  • Participatory design


The product team that I entered did not have the most trust in the research process due to negative past experiences with other research teams. Empathizing with their history, the team and I decided to bring them along the entire research process and journey. We gave stakeholders the option to observe every moderated study and allowed them to test every unmoderated study before launching them. We also held brown bags to educate them on what user research and usability is, becoming trusted educators.

Two highlights that I was proud to deliver to my team, my client, and Ad Hoc were:

  • Writing a company blog post on the intersection of Agile SAFe and HCD

  • Producing an aggregate usability score of +85% on all usability tests I led